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Corrosion/ Environmental Housing
Kelvin Probe System (RHC)

The RHC range offer complete Kelvin Probe
solutions for researchers investigating
Environmentally Sensitive or Corrosive Materials.
The range of chambers combined with our standard
Kelvin Probe packages include everything the investigator needs to produce reliable, accurate and repeatable data
in a controlled atmosphere.

System Specifications

  • 2mm and 50 micron tips standard
  • Work Function resolution of 1-3meV
  • 50mm x 50 mm maximum scan area
  • 318 nanometer position resolution
  • Tracking System with automatic motorised control of tip to sample spacing
  • Additional Manual Height Control (25.4mm KP translation for coarse positioning)
  • Off-null detection system with parasitic capacity rejection
  • Automatic Relative Humidity Control to 1% (10-100% RH)
  • 50 x 50mm Sample Heater

Software Features

  • Digital Control of all Kelvin Probe parameters
  • Simple set-up procedure for signal optimisation
  • Fast measurement mode for tracking real time work function changes (1000 work function points / min at ~20meV resolution)
  • Variable scan size and real-time 3D charting of sample work function
  • Export of data to scientific analysis software

System Package Description

  • Kelvin Probe Head Unit with Integrated Tip Amplifier
  • 2mm and 50 micron tip
  • High Performance 400x400x500mm Relative Humidity Chamber and Faraday Cage (80 litres)
  • 450x450x12.7mm optical base breadboard
  • 3-axis motorised scanning stage
  • Sample Holder
  • Gold Aluminium Reference Sample
  • Digital Control Unit
  • Dell PC with monitor
  • Pre-installed KP software and Data Acquisition system
  • Spare Tip Amplifier
  • Autosensing Power Supply Unit
  • Digital Oscilloscope for real-time signal display
  • 12 month Warranty

Additional Options

  • Inline Tip Holder for 50 micron to 20mm diameter tips
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Surface Photovoltage modules SPV020 and SPS030

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