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Air Photoemission System (APS)

Our new range of Air Photoemission systems (Patent Protected) offers a number of different setups. All systems perform in a dual mode with absolute Work Function measurements (using photoemission) and high-resolution relative Work Function measurements (using the Non Scanning Kelvin Probe) in ambient conditions.
Additional options are available to add on 3D mapping of surface potential and sample topography (using Scanning Kelvin Probe), and surface semiconductor/solar cell analysis (using Surface Photovoltage and Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy)


  • APS01 - Non Scanning Kelvin Probe + Air Photoemission
  • APS02 - Scanning Kelvin Probe + Air Photoemission
  • APS03 - Scanning Kelvin Probe + Air Photoemission + Surface Photovoltage
  • APS04 - Scanning Kelvin Probe + Air Photoemission + Surface Photovoltage + Surface Photovoltage Spectroscopy


  • Atmospheric pressure operation with combined Kelvin Probe
  • Absolute work function of metals and semiconductors (7.0eV)
  • Complete Faraday Cage and Light enclosure
  • Desktop analysis
  • Digital PC control mode of all system parameters
  • Dual mode system with Scanning Kelvin Probe (highest resolution available: Kelvin Probe 1-3 meV, Photoemission 20meV)
  • Full determination of semiconductor energy bands
  • Large signal measurements, low noise
  • Low photon excitation energy corrected for intensity (3.40eV - 7.00eV)
  • Near threshold density of states (DOS) measurements
  • Sensitive to sub-nm film thickness
  • Simple interface
  • UV light source protected under Nitrogen atmosphere

Download the APS brochure.

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